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 This is a list of tests, measures, scales and questionnaires in this Assessment Blog. I plan to add items as time permits. Please register or follow this page to view updates.



Academic Self-Efficacy Scale >> ASE

Ambivalent Sexism Inventory >> ASI


Adult Attachment Scale >>  AAS

           Attachment to God Inventory >> AGI

           Attachment to God Scale >> AGS



Barratt Impulsiveness Scale-Brief >> BIS

Biblical Literalism Scale >> BLS

Big Five Personality Scale >> 44-item version

Brief RCOPE (Religious Coping) >> RCOPE



Christian Beliefs Index >> CBI

Compassion:  Santa Clara Brief Compassion Scale >>  SCBCS

Contempt: Dispositional Contempt Scale >> DCS

Counseling Outcomes

           Schwartz Outcome Scale >> SOS

           Theistic Spirituality Outcome Scale >> TSOS

Courage: Woodard Pury Courage Scale >> WPCS


Dark Triad Scale  >>  DTS

Decisional Forgiveness Scale >> DFS

Depression: Treatment Survey Item list >> Depression Treatment

Dispositional Contempt Scale >> DCS

Dispositional Greed Scale >> Greed



Emotional Forgiveness Scale >> EFS           

Empathy: Perspective Taking and Empathic Concern Scales >> Empathy

Escala de Esperanza de Herth  (Hope Scale in Spanish)

Experiences in Close Relationships-Relational Structures >> ECR-RS



Fundamentalism (Religious)

           Biblical Literalism Scale >> BLS

Intratextual Fundamentalism Scale >> IFS


Decisional Forgiveness Scale >> DFS

Emotional Forgiveness Scale >> EFS           

         Group Forgiveness Scale >> GFS

Trait Forgiveness Scale >> TFS


Gender Identity-Dysphoria Questionnaire >>  GIDQ

General Trust Scale >>  TRUST

Generosity: Philanthropy Scale  >>  PS

Global Beliefs in a Just World Scale >> JustWorld

Gratitude Questionnaire >> Gratitude

Greed: Dispositional Greed Scale >> Greed

Group Forgiveness Scale >> GFS

Guilt and Shame Scale >> GASP


HEXACO Personality Inventory R (many languages) HEXACO

Hope Scale >> Hope

     En EspaƱol >> Escala de Esperanza de Herth


Impulsiveness: Barratt Impulsiveness Scale-Brief >> BIS


Kansas Marital Satisfaction Scale >>  KMSS


Leadership: (Transformational Leadership Survey) >> TLS

Lifespan Self-Esteem Scale >>  LSES


Santa Clara Brief Compassion Scale >>  SCBCS

Triangular Love Scales >> TLS and STLS

See also Attachment 


Machiavellian:  See Dark Triad Scale  >>  DTS


Kansas Marital Satisfaction Scale >>  KMSS

Manifestation of God in Marriage Revised

           Sacred Qualities of Marriage Revised 


           Racial Microaggression Scale >> RMAS

Modified Parenting Scale >> MPS

Moral Foundations Questionnaire  >>  MFQ 


Narcissism See Dark Triad Scale  >>  DTS

Narcissistic Personality Inventory -13 >>  NPI13



Modified Parenting Scale >> MPS

Parenting Sense of Competence scale  >>  PSOC

          Sanctification of Parenting Scale Revised >> SPSR

Personal Self-Concept Questionnaire >> PSQ

Perspective Taking and Empathic Concern Scales >> Empathy


           Big Five Personality Scale >> 44-Item Big5 Scale

            HEXACO Personality Inventory >> HEXACO

Philanthropy Scale  >>  PS

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Checklist  >>  PCL-5

Psychopath: See Dark Triad Scale  >>  DTS



Racial Microaggression Scale >> RMAS

Racism: Racism Scale

Relationship Scales

           Experiences in Close Relationships-Relational Structures >> ECR-RS

           Line Scale of Closeness >> Closeness

Religious Coping

           Brief RCOPE (Religious Coping) >> RCOPE

           Religious and Spiritual Struggles Scale >> RSSS



Sacred Marriage Scales (two scales)

           Manifestation of God in Marriage Revised

           Sacred Qualities of Marriage Revised

Santa Clara Brief Compassion Scale >>  SCBCS

Sanctification of Parenting Scale Revised >> SPSR

Schwartz Outcome Scale >> SOS

Screening for Spirituality in Counseling 4 Questions

Self Scales


           Personal Self-Concept Questionnaire >> PSQ

            Six-Factor Self-Concept Scale >>  SFSCS   


Academic Self-Efficacy Scale >> ASE

Self-Efficacy Scale (General) >> SES


           Lifespan Self-Esteem Scale >>  LSES

          Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale >>  RSES

Sex and Sexuality

            Sex and Spirituality Scales

   Manifestation of God in Sexuality            Revised

              Sacred Qualities of Marital Sexuality     Revised

Sexism:  Ambivalent Sexism Inventory >> ASI


Guilt and Shame Scale >> GASP

          Test of Self-Conscious Affect >> TOSCA

Spiritual Practices Index >> SPI


    Teacher Stress Inventory >> TSI



Teacher Stress Inventory >> TSI

Theistic Spirituality Outcome Scale >> TSOS

Test of Self-Conscious Affect >> TOSCA

Trait Forgiveness Scale >> TFS

Transformational Leadership Survey >> TLS

Triangular Love Scales >> TLS and STLS

Trust Scale (General) >> Trust


Wisdom: The 3D Wisdom Scale (3DWS)

Woodard Pury Courage Scale >> WPCS

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Scale name: Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSES)

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