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Racial Microaggression Scale (RMAS)

The Racial Microaggression Scale (RMAS) published in 2012 contains 52 items rated on a 4-point Likert Scale and organized in six categories: Invisibility, Criminality, Low achieving/ Undesirable culture, Sexualization, Foreigner/ Does not belong, Environmental Invalidation. Participants rate the items for experience from "never to often." If an act occurred, then they are asked to rate its level of stress from "not at all" to "high level." Sample Items 1. Because of my race, other people assume that I am a foreigner. 18. I am singled out by police or security people because of my race. 23. Other people act as if all of the people of my race are alike. 49. I feel invisible because of my race. The full scale is available from the PsycTESTS database below. Reliability and Validity These factors were assessed and published in 2012. See the reference below. Alpha for the full 52 items was .949 The items were organ