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Dependent Samples Matched Pairs t test

 The Dependent Samples t test is used to test for significant differences between two sets of numerical data produced by the same organisms or organisms that are matched on all relevant variables. In one example, a group of people who attend a workshop may complete a pretest and a posttest. A Dependent Samples t test can be used to compare the mean differences between the pretest and the posttest. An example of a Matched Pairs t test can be used to compare two groups of people in a reading method experiment. A relevant variable would be reading ability. A reading test could be used to identify people with similar scores. One member of the pair is then randomly assigned to a new reading method group and the matching person is then assigned to the traditional reading group. At the end of the study, a Matched Pairs t test can be used to compare mean scores for the groups. When the same person produces two sets of scores, each person is their own control. Because of the level of control,

Take a brief Counseling Test Quiz 101

Can you answer these questions that every counselor ought to know? Choose the BEST available answer. I'll post the answers below. 1. If the correlation between a test of intelligence and a test of achievement is usually between .88 and .92, how well can you use the intelligence test results to predict achievement test results? A. Very well B. Moderately well C. Not well at all D. None of the above 2. A personality test score was high on a scale of Extraversion. The validity of the Extraversion scale was reported as .52 to .57 compared to similar tests. How much confidence should the person have that their score is "valid?" A. A high degree B. A moderate degree C. A low degree D. None of the above 3. School counselors administered a questionnaire to 1,000 students. They calculated results for answers about four school improvements rated on a scale of 1 to 5. Most of the scores were in the range of 18 to 20. The counselors reported a mean rating o