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Father-Daughter Relationship Scale

  Scale name: Father Daughter Relationship Scale Scale overview: The Father-Daughter Relationship Scale is a 9-item scale of perceived closeness, which was studied in a sample of young women. Authors: Jennie Brown, Laura Thompson, David Trafimow Response Type: All items are rated on a scale of 4 to 7 values depending on the questions about time or closeness. Subscales = 2 Closeness = 4 items Time together = 5 items Sample : One sample of mostly Euro-American or Hispanic American women between age 17 and 25. Reliability: Cronbach’s alpha = .89 Validity: Factor analysis reported.   Availability: See Appendix A, p. 214.   Reference for the scale Brown, J., Thompson, L. A., & Trafimow, D. (2002). The father-daughter relationship rating scale.  Psychological Reports ,  90 (1), 212–214.   Reference for using scales in research: Buy Creating Surveys  on GOOGLE BOOKS   AMAZON       Reference for clin

5 Love Languages Personal Profile for Couples

  Scale name: Love Languages Personal Profile for Couples (LLPP) Scale overview: The LLPP is a 50 item forced-choice measure developed by Chapman. There are 12 statements for each love language and each language is paired 3 times. Author: Gary Chapman Response Type Subscales: There are 5 subscales corresponding to the 5 Love Languages: Words of Affirmation  (e.g., words of appreciation and affirmation; express kindness) Quality Time  (e.g., focused attention without interruption and without giving advice) Receiving Gifts  (giving gifts, which need not be expensive; the gift of time during a crisis) Acts of Service  (e.g., completing tasks for them) Physical Touch  (e.g., sexual and nonsexual) __________ Sample items : 10. It's more meaningful to me when...      A. I hear my partner tell me, "I'm proud of you."      D. my partner helps me with a task. 7.  It's more meaningful to me when... C. my partner gives me a gift. A. I hear "l lov