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Forgiveness Reconciliation Inventory

  Assessment name:   Forgiveness Reconciliation Inventory Scale overview: The Forgiveness Reconciliation Inventory is a 24-item assessment of forgiveness and reconciliation.   Author: Richard S. Balkin   Response Type: FRI items are presented along with a pair of words with five boxes in between the two words. Participants check the box to indicate how closely a word matches their feelings. Scale items In the Forgiveness Reconciliation Inventory study by Balkin et al. (2014), the authors presented evidence for 24-items organized into four subscales of six items each. The four subscales are: Collaborative Exploration, Role of Reconciliation, Remorse/Change, Interpersonal/Intrapersonal. Scores for each subscale range from 6 to 30 and can be plotted on a profile as illustrated in the article. Psychometric properties The authors presented means and standard deviations as well as Cronbach alpha values ranging from 0.88 to 0.93 for the four subscales. Factor analysis supp

Desire to Reconcile Scale

  Assessment name:   Desire to Reconcile Scale Scale overview: The Desire to Reconcile Scale is a 4-item rating scale developed by Woodyatt and Wenzel (2014) to assess the willingness of an offender to reconcile with the person they offended. Authors: Lydia Woodyatt and Michael Wenzel Response Type: Items are rated on a scale of agreement from 0 = Do not Agree at all, 3 = Neutral, and 6 = Strongly Agree. Scale items The scale includes four items.   Psychometric properties The authors’ findings revealed adequate internal consistency (alpha = 0.82) and they provided support for validity in the form of correlations with self-forgiveness and self-trust. Griffin (2016) reported a positive correlation between Decisional Affirmation of Values scale and the Desire to Reconcile Scale. Availability: The four items are included in Woodyatt and Wenzel (2014). Reference for the scale Woodyatt, L., & Wenzel, M. (2014). A needs-based perspective on self-forgiveness: