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Injustice Gap Scale (IGS)

  Assessment name:     Injustice Gap Scale (IGS) Scale overview: The 4-item Injustice Gap Scale (IGS) was created to assess the gap experienced following an offense. The studies focused on the idea that the size of the justice gap is related to the difficulty in forgiving an offense.   Authors: Don Davis and others   Response Type: Items are rated on a visual scale of agreement between 0 = strongly disagree to 100 = strongly agree.   Scale items There are 4-items stating beliefs about God (or the Sacred) ensuring that justice will prevail.   Psychometric properties Factor analysis revealed support for a single factor. The factor loadings ranged from .74 to .91 and Cronbach’s alpha was .90. Correlations with other measures supported concurrent validity. Availability: The list of all 4 items is available in the PsycTESTS reference. The measure is available to use for noncommercial and educational purposes without seeking permission.   References for the s