Spiritual Assessment


Measures of Spirituality and Religion

This page contains links to scales and questionnaires that measure some aspect of spirituality or religiosity. Many are from English language publications and focus on Christianity but others are written to apply to many or any faith traditions. Some are available in many languages.

Follow the links to learn more about the measure. In some cases, you will need access to an online database usually available through university or other large libraries. In other cases, you may be able to download a scale from the internet or obtain from one of the authors.

 Assessment of Spirituality and Religious Sentiments scale- Short Form  👉  ASPIRES

Attachment to God Inventory  👉      AGI

Attachment to God Scale  👉      AGS


Behaviors Toward God Scale  👉        BTGS

Belief in God Measure   👉     BIGM

Belief in God Scale   👉    BIG

Biblical Conservatism    👉  BC

Biblical Literalism Scale  👉      BLS

Brief Multidimensional Measure of Religiousness/ Spirituality  👉      BMMRS


Christian Beliefs Index        CBI

Christian Nationalism Scale   >>  CNS

Christian Sociomoral Values Index  >>  CSVI

Clergy Situational Restoration Inventory  👉      CSRI

Dimensions of Grace Scale   👉     DGS

Divine Spiritual Struggles Scale  👉   DSSS

Duke University Religion Index   👉     DUREL

Faith Situations Questionnaire    👉   FSQ

Five-Factor LAMBI Scale of God Representations  👉      LAMBI

God Images (4 Scales)  👉      GODIMAGE

 God Image Scales   👉    GIS

Intratextual Fundamentalism Scale 👉        IFS

Intrinsic/Extrinsic Religious Orientation Revised 3 👉        IER-3

Inventory of Complicated Spiritual Grief 👉       SPGRIEF

Ironson-Woods Spirituality/ Religiousness Index   👉    IWSRI

Leadership Restoration Scale-Forgive & Restore  👉      LRSF

Leadership Restoration Scale 👉      LRS


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Manifestation of God in Marriage Revised  👉      MGM-R


Partner-Focused Prayer Measure 👉       PFPM

Penn Inventory of Scrupulosity   👉  PIOS

Pentecostal & Charismatic Spirituality 👉       PCS

Perceived Conflict between Evolution and Religion Scale  👉      PCoRE

Perceived Perfectionism from God Scale    👉   PPGS

Prayer Inventory  👉      PI


Religious Commitment Inventory 👉      RCI

Religious Coping- Brief RCOPE 👉       RCOPE

Religious and Spiritual Struggles Scale  👉      RSS



Sacred Marriage Scales  👉      SMS

Sacred Qualities of Marriage Revised  👉      SQM-R

Sanctification of Parenting Scale-Revised  👉     SPSR

Sanctification of Sexuality in Relationships  👉      SEX-REL

Santa Clara Strength of Religious Faith Questionnaire 👉        SCSRFQ

Screening Questions for Spirituality in Counseling  👉         SCREENQ

Spiritual Abuse Questionnaire 👉       SP-ABUSE

Spiritual Assessment & Counseling Trauma Survivors  👉  SACTS

Spiritual Practices Index  👉      SPI

Spiritual Struggles Interview  👉    SSI

Spiritual Well-Being Scale  👉   SWB

Theistic Intellectual Humility Scale  👉  TIHS

Theistic Spirituality Outcome (psychotherapy) Scale 👉       TSOS



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