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Belief in Good Luck (BIGL) review

  S cale name: Belief in Good Luck (BIGL) Scale overview: The scale presents 12-items, which are rated based on degree of agreement. The authors wanted to reliably assess irrational beliefs about luck and examine the beliefs in relationship to expectations of success. Early psychometric properties support the scale as a useful assessment of luck. Authors: Peter R. Darke and Jonathan L. Freedman   Response Type: 4-point agree-disagree scale Subscales: None Sample items b) Some people are consistently lucky, and others are unlucky. o) Luck is nothing more than random chance. (reverse scored) Reliability: Factor analysis yielded one factor. Items were selected from the original list based on factor loadings. Alpha   values were .85 in studies 1 and 3; .78 in study 2. Validity: The article includes correlation values with other measures. Total BIGL score was significantly positively correlated with the chance subscale of the Locus of Control scale. Availability: