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ADHD - The Vanderbilt Assessment Scales

  Scale name: NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Scales- for Child ADHD diagnoses Scales overview: The NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Scales are behavior rating scales used by clinicians as part of the diagnosis of ADHD in children. The scales assess ADHD symptoms and other conditions that may occur with ADHD or should be ruled out. Response Type: Most of the items are rated on a 4-point scale of frequency: Never, Occasionally, Often, Very Often Scale items The parent scale: Items 1 to 47 assess symptoms and items 48 to 55 assess performance. The teacher scale: Items 1 to 35 assess symptoms, items 36 to 38 assess academic performance, and items 39-43 assess classroom performance. There are parent and teacher follow-up forms available. The NICHQ provides scoring guidelines in their scale packet. Reliability: Bard et al. (2013) reported coefficient alpha values from .91 to .94 on the parent form and test-retest reliability was above .80 for the total scale scores. Wolraich et