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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Vengeance Scale - Measuring Revenge


Scale name: Vengeance Scale

Scale overview: 

The Vengeance Scale is a 20-item self-report inventory with 10 items reversed scored.

Authors: Noreen Stuckless & Richard Goranson

Response Type: 7-point Likert type.

1 = Disagree strongly

2 = Disagree

3 = disagree slightly

4 = Neither disagree or agree

5 = Agree slightly

6 = Agree

7 = Agree strongly

Subscales: None

Sample items

It’s not worth my time or effort to pay back someone who has wronged me. (Reverse score)

It’s important for me to get back at people who have hurt me.


Psychometric properties: Study 1: The scale mean for the 20 items was 67.28. Men (71.84) scored significantly higher than did women (65.29).

Reliability: Study 1 and Study 2 alphas = .92. In study 3, a test-retest correlation = .90.

Validity: The structure was examined by Factor Analysis. The researchers concluded that a single factor was the best fit.

In study 2, Vengeance scores were negatively correlated with empathy and positively correlated with trait anger

Availability: See pages 41-42 of the article for the 20 items.

Permissions -- if identified

Read more about revenge, vengeance and retaliatory aggression.


Stuckless, N. & Goranson, R. (1992). The vengeance scale: Development of a measure of attitudes toward revenge, Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 7, 25-42.

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