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Organizational Trust Index (OTI)

  Helping Hikers - Forbes link Scale name:            Organizational Trust Index (OTI) Scale overview The OTI evaluates trust in an organization with items that reflect five dimensions of trust.  Of note, trust is a key component of working relationships and efforts to encourage reconciliation following a rift. Organisational trust is the degree of confidence employees have in the actions of an organisation's leaders and their decisions. Author(s) See the “about” tab at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs ( UCCS ) Website for the OTI. Items:   In 2021 there were 29 items on the OTI scale. Response Type The OTI is a 5-point rating scale. Each item can be rated from “very little” to “very great.” Subscales:      The OTI refers to 5 dimensions of trust: Competence Openness and Honesty Concern for Employees Reliability Identification Sample item My immediate supervisor listens to me. Reliability The manual reports alpha of .95 for the 29-item

Leadership Behavior Description Questionnaire (LBDQ)

  Scale name: Leadership Behavior Description Questionnaire (LBDQ) Scale overview The LBDQ allows members of a group to describe the behavior of a leader. There are two dimensions of leadership behavior identified as initiating structure and consideration.   Author(s): The Personnel Research Board. Names of researchers provided at the Ohio State University webpage for LBDQ . Items = 20 Response Type The LBDQ is a rating scale. Participants respond to statements using a 5-point Likert-type response ranging from 1 = never to 5 = always. Subscales There are two subscales: Initiating Structure (S) and Consideration (C). Each scale has 10 items.   Sample items Initiating Structure: “Schedules the work to be done.” Consideration: “Is willing to make changes.” Reliability See the manual and publications. Validity See the manual and publications. Availability See the OSU website where the instructions appear. “To obtain free access of the full Manual and t