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Christian-Based Grief Recovery Scale (CGRS)

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Intellectual Humility Scale (IHS) Review

  Assessment name: Intellectual Humility Scale (IHS) Scale overview: The Intellectual Humility Scale (IHS) is a 6-item single factor, self-report measure of general intellectual humility. Authors: Mark Leary et al. (2017) Response Type: Participants rate each item on a five-point scale as the item applies to them. The anchors are not at all like me and very much like me . Scale items: There are 6 items   Examples   I question my own opinions, positions, and viewpoints because they could be wrong.   I recognize the value in opinions that are different from my own. Psychometric properties A factor analysis supported one factor. Cronbach’s Alpha = .82 The authors provided evidence of significant positive and negative correlations with other measures including all of the Big Five scales. A few examples of correlation values between the HIS and other measures follow: Openness .33 Existential Quest .35 Dogmatism -.49 self-righteousness - .35   Availabili

Specific Intellectual Humility Scale (SIHS)- Review

  Assessment name: Specific Intellectual Humility Scale (SIHS) Scale overview: The Specific Intellectual Humility Scale (SIHS) is a nine-item self-report measure of humility in a specific domain, topic, or area of interest such as politics or religion. Authors: Rick H. Hoyle and others (2016) Response Type: Participants rate each item on a five-point scale of degree of how much the item applies to them. The anchor points range from not at all like me to very much like me. Scale items: Each item has a blank to be filled in by the researchers who wish to assess a specific area of humility.  Examples    My views about _____ are just as like to be wrong as other views.    When it comes to my views about _____ I may be overlooking evidence. Psychometric properties Coefficient alpha values were high in several studies for the 9-item version. Coefficient alphas ranged from .77 to .86 for an abbreviated 3-item version. CFA evidence supported a single factor for the con

Calling and Vocation Questionnaire (CVQ) - A Review

  Assessment name:   Calling and Vocation Questionnaire (CVQ) Scale overview: The Calling and Vocation Questionnaire (CVQ) is a 24-item multidimensional rating measure of calling. Authors: Bryan J. Dik et al. (2012) Response Type: Ratings on a four-point scale of what is true about me. The measure may be used as self-report and/or informant-report. (1 = not at all true of me, 2 = somewhat true of me, 3 = mostly true of me, 4 = absolutely true of me) Scale factors and sample items The items are associated with one of six subscales. 1 Presence—Transcendent Summons   Example:  I believe that I have been called to my current line of work. 2 Search—Transcendent Summons   Example:  I’m searching for my calling in my career. 3 Presence—Purposeful work 4 Search—Purposeful work 5 Presence—Prosocial orientation 6 Search—Prosocial orientation Psychometric properties In study 1, the CVQ internal consistency values were high for all six subscales. Test -retest reliab

Faith at Work Scale (FWS)

  Assessment name:   Faith at Work Scale (FWS) Scale overview: The Faith at Work Scale is a 15-item, single-factor, self-report assessment of five dimensions of faith at work. Authors: Monty Lynn, Michael Naughton, Steve VanderVeen Response Type: A five-point rating scale   5 = Always or frequently   4 = Often   3 = Sometimes   2 = Seldom   1 = Never or infrequently Scale items There are 15 items Although there is one factor, the authors identify 5 dimensions: Relationship, Meaning, Community, Holiness, Giving. Sample items:   I sense God’s presence while at work.   I pursue excellence at work because of my faith. Population sampled:   Alumni of business programs from four US religious higher education institutions.    They were stratified by graduation decade between 1958 and 2005   Contact by email 272 of 1284 email responses- active religious workers = 234 Psychometric properties Data analyses supported one factor.    Eigenvalue = 8.88, variance accounted fo