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Inventory of Complicated Spiritual Grief 2.0

  Scale name:   Inventory of Complicated Spiritual Grief 2.0 Scale overview The ICSG 2.0 is a 28-item scale. Participants are asked to think about their loss and respond to items to express their beliefs about their feelings. The second version was published as ICSG 2.0 in 2019. Authors: Laurie A. Burke and others (2014) - see reference below For Version 2.0 See Burke et al., 2019 and Burke et al., 2021 Response Type All items are rated on a 5-point Likert-type rating. Subscales : The authors list items associated with three subscales: 1. Insecurity with God 2. Disruption in Religious Practice 3. Estrangement from Spiritual Community Sample items   I’m confused as to why God would let this happen.  People in my spiritual community don’t want me to express my grief much or at all.   Reliability and Validity See the publications for details. Internal consistency is strong. Experts and focus group participants provided evidence of content validity for this revi