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Life expectancy and lifespan assessment in psychology

Lifespan is not the same concept as life expectancy. Lifespan is the maximum period of time a species lives. The human lifespan is measured in years. As of 2020, the documented human lifespan is 122 years ( see also lifespan concept in psychological science). Life expectancy is the average period of time a member of a population with certain characteristics lives. Human life expectancy, measured in years, varies by sex and environment. Human life expectancy varies by the age group. For example, life expectancy of people at birth will be different from a group of people who are alive at age 70. United Nations data are reported by sex and country. Overall, there has been an increase in human life expectancy on a worldwide basis between 1950 (47.0 years) and 2020 (73.2 years;  worldometers ). I have rounded the numbers which were reported up to two decimal places. Examples of recent life expectancy data for wealthy nations reveal marked differences compared to other nations. Da