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Christian Sociomoral Values Index

  Scale name: Christian Sociomoral Values Index Scale overview: This 13-item rating scale aims to measure the importance of select moral values commonly held among conservative Christians.   Response Type: Items are rated on a scale of agreement as follows: 1 = strongly disagree 2 = disagree 3 =   Neither Agree nor Disagree 4 = Agree 5 = Strongly agree Scale items = 13 1. All forms of birth control are sinful. 2. Birth control methods are acceptable if they do not cause an abortion. 3. Abortion is always sinful. 4. Premarital sex is always sinful. 5. Cohabitation is always sinful. 6. A biblical marriage is between one man and one woman. 7. Same-sex marriage is sinful. 8. Divorce is sinful. 9. Sexual orientation is a choice. 10. In a Christian marriage, a man and a woman submit to each other, but the man is always the head of the marriage. 11. Women have a vital role in Christian ministry, but they should not be priests or pastors. 12. Women have an important role

Sacred Marriage Scales

Two scales examine couples' perspectives on the role of God in their marriages. The Sacred Marriage scales are the work of Mahoney, Pargament, and DeMaris (2009). The first scale looks at the role of God in their marriage. There are 10-items. Couples are advised that they substitute another word for God as may be applicable to their spirituality. Examples and a reference are included below. Revised Manifestation of God in Marriage      Following are the instructions Directions: Some of the following questions use the word "God." Different people use different terms for God, such as "Higher Power," "Divine Spirit," "Spiritual Force," "Holy Spirit," "Yahweh," "Allah,", "Buddha”, or “Goddess.” Please feel free to substitute your own word for God when answering any of the questions that follow. Also, some people do not believe in God. If this is the case for you, please feel free to choose the "s

Holy Sex - Measuring Sanctification of Sexuality in Relationships

Two 10-item scales assess the degree to which couples view marital sexuality from a spiritual perspective. Both scales published by Hernandez, Mahoney, and Pargament (2011) are rated on the same 7-point scale. The wording is clearly aimed at married couples. Although they use the word God , note that in a similar scale focused on children from some of the same authors, participants are instructed to think of their own deity. Revised Manifestation of God in Marital Sexuality Two sample items:      1) God played a role in my decision to have a sexual relationship with my spouse.      2) Our sexual relationship speaks to the presence of God. Revised Sacred Qualities of Marital Sexuality Two sample items:      1) Being sexually intimate with my spouse feels like a deeply spiritual experience.      2) Our sexual relationship seems like a miracle to me. Scoring There are 10-items in the scale. Participants are asked to respond on a 1 to 7 scale where 1 = Strongly