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Dispositional Contempt Scale

  The Dispositional Contempt Scale (DCS) developed by Schriber et al. (2017) included 10-items measuring contempt on a 5-point rating scale. Instructions The authors provided the following instructions on the downloaded form. Below are a series of statements that may or may not relate to you. Please read each statement carefully, considering each one by one, and indicate the extent to which each describes you by using the response options. There are no right or wrong answers. Please answer honestly, as we are interested in how you actually think, feel, and behave. Items 1. I tend to disregard people who fall short of my standards. 2. I often lose respect for others. 3. Feeling disdain for others comes naturally to me. 4. I tend to accept people regardless of their flaws. 5. I would never try to make someone feel worthless. 6. I often feel like others are wasting my time. 7. I hardly ever think others are inferior to me. 8. All in all, I am repelled by others