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Attitudes to Disability Scale (ADS)

  Scale name: Attitudes to Disability Scale (ADS) Scale overview: The Attitudes to Disability Scale (ADS) is a 16-item rating scale designed to measure attitudes toward disability. The ADS was translated into multiple languages.   Response Type: Items are rated on a 5-point Likert scale of agreement.   Scale items = 16      Scale subscales = 4 Using factor analysis, the authors identified four factors in the 16-item Attitudes to Disability Scale: Inclusion, Discrimination, Gains, and Prospects. Inclusion People with a disability find it harder than others to make new friends Discrimination People often make fun of disabilities Gains Having a disability can make someone a stronger person Prospects People with a disability have less to look forward to than others   Reliability: The authors reported ADS  Cronbach’s alpha values of.795 and .764 in two samples. Validity: The authors examined the structure of the scale using Confirmatory Factor Analysis.

Measure of Atheist Discrimination Experiences

  Scale name: Measure of Atheist Discrimination Experiences Scale overview: The 24-item Measure of Atheist Discrimination Experiences (MADE) was designed to evaluate the stress experiences of people who identify as atheists using a 6-point rating scale. Authors: Brewster, M. E., Hammer, J., Sawyer, J. S., Eklund, A., & Palamar, J. Response Type:   6-point Likert-type; 1 = never, 6 = almost all of the time Subscales: There are five factors Immoral Bringing Shame Asked to Pass Overt Maltreatment Social Ostracism   Sample items Immoral - I have been told that, as an atheist, I cannot be a moral person.   Bringing Shame - I have been told that I am selfish because I am atheist.   Asked to Pass - I have been asked to go along with religious traditions to avoid “stirring up trouble.”   Overt Maltreatment - People have denied me services because of my atheism.   Social Ostracism - Because of my atheism, others have avoided me.     Reliabil