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Subjective Happiness Scale (SHS)

  Happiness may be the quintessential positive feeling state. We commonly wish others a happy birthday or anniversary.  The Subjective Happiness Scale is a short four-item survey developed by Sonja Lyubomirsky and Heidi Lepper (1999) and has been completed by thousands of respondents.  The items are rated on 7-point scales that use different words to describe the end points.  A sample item calls for ratings of less happy (1) to more happy (7): “Compared to most of my peers, I consider myself…” Permissions : " Permission is granted for all non-commercial use." Availability : You can get the scale from the  Website : SCOPES domain = Emotion Link to   List of Tests Scale Reference Lyubomirsky, S., & Lepper, H. (1999). A measure of subjective happiness: Preliminary reliability and construct validation. Social Indicators Research, 46 , 137-155. Creating Surveys on AMAZON    or   GOOGLE  Worldwide