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Faith Situations Questionnaire FSQ

  Scale name: Faith Situations Questionnaire FSQ Scale overview: Caregivers provide information about the presence and severity of 19 child behavior problems in faith situations. Scores may be compared to norms for children age 5-12. Authors: Hathaway, Douglas, & Grabowski Response Type: Raters answer each item as present or absent and if present, the item is rated on a 9-point scale where 9 = the highest severe rating. Sample items: Instructions: Does your child present any problems with compliance to instructions, commands, or rules for you in any of these situations? If so, please circle the word Yes and then circle a number beside that situation that describes how severe the problem is for you. If your child is not a problem in a situation, circle No and go on to the next situation on the form.                When saying prayers During a religious instruction class, such as Sunday school, catechism or Hebrew school Psychometrics : The FSQ sample was similar to