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Spiritual Well-Being Scale (SWBS)

  Scale name: Spiritual Well-Being Scale (SWB) Scale overview: The Spiritual Well-Being Scale (SWB) is a self-report 29-item measure of spiritual wellbeing. There are two subscales: 10-items assess Existential Well-Being (EWB) and 10 assess Religious Well-Being (RWB).   Response Type: Items are rated on a 6-point scale of agreement: SA    Strongly Agree MA    Moderately Agree A    Agree D     Disagree MD     Moderately Disagree SD     Strongly Disagree See the manual for scoring instructions. Scale items Please see the freely available scale pdf for the items in your preferred language.   Reliability: See the manual page 3. The RWBS, EWBS, and SWBS have good reliability. For the RWBS, test-retest reliability coefficients across four studies, with 1-10 weeks between testings, are .96, .99, .96, and .88. For the EWBS, the coefficients are .86, .98, .98, and .73. For total SWBS, the coefficients are .93, .99, .99, and .82. The index of internal consist