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Big Five Personality Scales

There are a few scales that measure the Big Five Personality Traits. One acronym is the word OCEAN. Each letter refers to the first letter of a Big Five personality trait. Scientific studies by Paul Costa and Robert McCrae (1998) established a basis for the five factors known by the acronym OCEAN , which I refer to below. See Big Five Personality Theory for more details and references.   O- Openness to experience includes curiosity, imagination, and creativity. People high in this trait appreciate complexity and originality and enjoy new experiences.   C- Conscientiousness describes behavior patterns of self-control and acting in socially acceptable ways. People high in conscientiousness are dependable, work within rules, plan and organize effectively, and have a strong degree of gratification.    E- Extroversion   (aka extraversion) is often considered along with introversion. In a sense, the dimension identifies where a person finds their energy. Extroverts thrive in th

Presenting Split Opinions in a Color Chart

  This color chart by Pew Research   published 10 September 2020, reveals a useful way to depict split opinions of a study. Here are a few observations: 1. Color coding the groups makes it easy to detect the differences. 2. Limiting the chart to 4 items makes it easy to see what's going on. If there were more items, a separate chart and text would be better. 3. The anchor points along a line provide visual evidence of the divide. 4. The "All voters" column on the right shows how useless an average would be to understand what is going on in a society (in this case, the US). Learn more about Creating Surveys in my book, Creating Surveys on AMAZON at many of their worldwide bookstores. Only $9.99 for the Kindle Edition Links to Connections My Page    My Books   AMAZON           and             GOOGLE STORE   FOLLOW   FACEBOOK     Geoff W. Sutton    TWITTER    @Geoff.W.Sutton   PINTEREST   Articles: Ac