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Theistic Intellectual Humility Scale

Assessment name:   Theistic Intellectual Humility Scale Scale overview: The Theistic Intellectual Humility Scale (TIHS) is an 11-item self-report rating scale of intellectual humility in relationship to God.   Authors: Peter Hill and others (2021)   Response Type: Items are rated on a 6-point scale of agreement from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Scale items There are 11 items associated with three factors:   1. Intellectual submission to the Divine   2. Human Finite Limitations   3. Belief Bias and Limitations Although the scale is labeled theistic and the factor 1 refers to “the Divine”, the items refer to God or the Bible. Item 11 includes the phrase “Christian beliefs.” Psychometric properties The first sample included 353 Christians who were mostly Protestant. The second sample included 318 Christians—some of them were from a Christian university. And the third sample included 235 Christians. The results of factor analyses supported the three factor