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Christian Nationalism Scale

  Scale name: Christian Nationalism Scale Scale overview: The Christian Nationalism Scale consists of six-items commonly used to examine beliefs about the US government and Christianity.   Response Type: Items are rated on a scale of agreement 1 = strongly agree 2 = agree 3 = disagree 4 = strongly disagree 5 = undecided. Scale items The federal government should declare the United States as a Christian nation. The federal government should advocate Christian values. The federal government should enforce strict separation of church and state. (reverse coded) The federal government should allow the display of religious symbols in public spaces. The success of the United States is part of God's plan. The federal government should allow prayer in public schools.   Reliability: In a 2018 article, Whitehead et al. reported Cronbach’s alpha of 0.86 for the six items. Validity: See the Factor Analysis reported by Whitehead et al. (2018) and a different

Biblical Conservatism - A 4-item measure

  Scale name: Biblical Conservatism Measure Scale overview: The Biblical Conservatism Measure is a 4-item scale designed to assess conservative beliefs about the Bible, Koran, or Torah. Authors: Weyand, O’Laughlin, & Bennett Response Type: Items are rated on a 4-point Likert type scale from 1 = strongly disagree and 4 – strongly agree. Sample item: The Bible/Koran/Torah/other religious text is God’s word and everything will happen exactly as it says.   Psychometrics : In the 2013 study 1, M = 10.07, SD = 3.4 Reliability: Internal consistency = .75 (Weyand et al., (2013). Validity: See how the measure performed with other measures in the full article below. Availability:   See the PsycTESTS reference for the items. Permissions   “Test content may be reproduced and used for non-commercial research and educational purposes without seeking written permission.   Distribution must be controlled.”  Other measures used in the study Brief RCOPE (Religious