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Holy Sex - Measuring Sanctification of Sexuality in Relationships

Two 10-item scales assess the degree to which couples view marital sexuality from a spiritual perspective. Both scales published by Hernandez, Mahoney, and Pargament (2011) are rated on the same 7-point scale. The wording is clearly aimed at married couples. Although they use the word God , note that in a similar scale focused on children from some of the same authors, participants are instructed to think of their own deity. Revised Manifestation of God in Marital Sexuality Two sample items:      1) God played a role in my decision to have a sexual relationship with my spouse.      2) Our sexual relationship speaks to the presence of God. Revised Sacred Qualities of Marital Sexuality Two sample items:      1) Being sexually intimate with my spouse feels like a deeply spiritual experience.      2) Our sexual relationship seems like a miracle to me. Scoring There are 10-items in the scale. Participants are asked to respond on a 1 to 7 scale where 1 = Strongly