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Statistics of Mass Shooting in the USA

 FBI Reports Data Active Shooters 2019 FBI Report Several aspects of the FBI reports can help students, faculty, and leaders in presenting important data to the public. 1. On page 3 they define what they mean by an "active shooter." And they clarify that the report does not include all gun-related shootings. 2. Page 4 uses a two-color strategy to compare two years (2019, 2018) side by side. The selection of numbers to compare seems reasonable to understand what is going on. 3. Page 5 tells us where the shootings take place using a color-coded map. It offers a clear look though the selection of green may not be the best color when the gray areas are the "safe zones" where no shootings took place. See photo at the top of this page. 4. The graphics on page 7 offer a helpful illustration of ways to present information to the general public. We see data, graphic comparisons, and clear colors that help differences stand out. Reference link to FBI 2019 Report Permission to