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Problematic Pornography Use Scale (PPUS)

  Assessment name:   Problematic Pornography Use Scale (PPUS) Scale overview: The Problematic Pornography Use Scale (PPUS) is a 12-item self-report instrument focused on problems linked to viewing pornography (Kor et al., 2014a; 2014b). Authors: Ariel Kors and others Response Type: Items are rated on a six-point scale of truth values (0 = Never True, 1 = Rarely True, 2 = Sometimes True, 3 = Often True, 4 = Very Often True, 5 = Almost Always True). Scale items The researchers identified four factors: Excessive Use, Use to Escape/Avoid Negative Emotions, Self-control Difficulties, Distress and Functional Problems. Each factor is measured with three items. Psychometric properties Internal consistency values were good to high and there is evidence supporting construct and convergent validity. Availability: See Kor et al. 2014a for the list of items linked to each factor. Read a definition of pornography Reference for the scale Kor, A., Zilcha-Mano, S., Fogel, Y. A.,

Sexual Orientation Identity Development Scale SOI

  Scale name:   Sexual Orientation Identity Development Scale  (SOI) Scale overview: The Sexual Orientation Identity Development Scale measures three dimensions of sexual orientation: Affirmation, Exploration, Resolution. English and Spanish versions are available. Authors:   Toomey, R. B., Anhalt, K., & Shramko, M. Response Type :  4-point rating scale:  1 = Does not describe me at all,  2 = Describes me a little, 3 = Describes me well,  4 = Describes me very well. EspaƱol 1 = No me describe en absolute,   2 = Me escribe un poco,    3 = Me describe bien, 4 = Me describe muy bien Subscales: There are three subscales (alpha values in parentheses):       Affirmation ( Spearman-Brown .81)        Exploration (Spearman-Brown .61)         Resolution ( alpha .67)   Sample items   1. I have attended events that have helped me learn about my  sexual orientation, such as gay-straight alliance meetings or  events at a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT)