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Dad Data Single Parents and Children

When it comes to family structure, there's been considerable change in the United States. According to the 2020 census data from, 70 percent of American children live in a two-parent home--that is down from 85% in 1968. About 15.5% of children only live with their mothers. About 4.5 of children only live with their fathers. About 4% of children are not living with their parents- they may be with other relatives including grandparents. The link to the data Does it matter? Two Studies The analyses found that children in nondisrupted two-biological-parent and nondisrupted stepparent households consistently made greater progress in their math and reading performances over time than their peers in nondisrupted single-parent, disrupted two-biological-parent, and disrupted alternative families with multiple transitions. Sun & Li 2011 **********