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Depression Treatment Survey Items

  Pentecostal worship from Bing free to use Trice and Bjorck (2006b) conducted a survey of Pentecostals to determine their views on the causes and cures of depression. Their set of 25 treatment (i.e., cure) items is available for researchers. There are 25 “cure” or treatment items in their survey. These items are divided into categories, which are reported below along with alpha values found in their article (Trice & Bjork, 2006b). Spiritual discipline (.60) Faith practices (.63) Rest (.76) Support (.61) Health (.57) Psychology/psychiatry (.72) Neurology (.62) Instructions Prior to completing the survey, participants are given the following definition of depression: "Depression is a disorder of mood (e.g., feelings, emotions) characterized by sadness and dejection, decreased motivation and interest in life, negative thoughts, and such physical symptoms as sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, and fatigue. Moreover, these characteristics last at least 2 wee