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Adult Decision Making Competence ADMC

  Measure name: Adult Decision-Making Competence ADMC Overview: The Adult Decision-Making Competence measure consists of a set of seven decision-making tasks designed to assess different aspects of decision-making.   Response Type: The responses vary with the task. Scale items : The Adult Decision-Making Competence measure includes the following seven tasks. The numbers in parentheses are Cronbach alphas and test-retest values. Resistance to Framing (.62, .58) Recognizing Social Norms (.64, .46) Under/Overconfidence (.77, .47) Applying Decision Rules (.73, .77) Consistency in Risk Perception (.72, .51) Resistance to Sunk Costs (.54, .61) Path Independence (.75, .28) See Appendix A of the 2007 article for a lengthy list of sample items for the 7 task categories mentioned above.   Reliability: Cronbach’s Alpha and test-retest values were reported in Table 2 of the 2007 article referenced below. See the values next to the 7 tasks above. Validity: The 200