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God’s and Satan’s Involvement in Life Events

  Assessment name:   Preliminary Belief Questions About God’s and Satan’s Involvement in Life Events Scale overview: The Preliminary Belief Questions About God’s and Satan’s Involvement in Life Events is a 9-item survey used to evaluate the beliefs of Christian participants before they completed a study revealing their attribution of positive and negative events to God or Satan. Authors: Ray, Shanna D., Lockman, Jennifer D., Jones, Emily J., & Kelly, Melanie H. (2015) Response Type: Responses for the 9 items ranged from 1 to 5 on a 5-point rating scale from Strongly disagree , Disagree , No Opinion , Agree , to Strongly agree. Scale items There are nine items forming one scale. Six items refer to God’s involvement in life events. For example, items refer to God as causing positive or negative events. Two items mention Satan and refer to Satan’s existence and power to cause negative events. Psychometric properties The survey was completed by 109 participants. The res

Five-Factor LAMBI Scale of God Representations

  Scale name:   Five-Factor LAMBI Scale of God Representations Scale overview A 25-item scale that measures how people view God. The five letters in LAMBI reflect the five dimensions based on factors identified by statistical analyses. Participants rate each one-word item based on their belief about or experience with God rather than what may be considered a correct belief. Authors: Johnson, Kathryn A., Okun, Morris A., Cohen, Adam B., Sharp, Carissa A., & Hook, Joshua N. Response Type A Likert-type scale with a 7-point rating from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree Subscales and sample items The five subscales are called dimensions. Following each dimension is one of the words participants rate. See the reference to obtain the full scale. L = Limitless e.g., infinite A = Authoritarian e.g., strict M = Mystical e.g., nature B = Benevolent e.g., gracious I = Ineffable Also, 3 items assess views of “No God” that is, Nonexistent, imaginary, and nor real.

God Images 4 Different Scales

  Scale name: God Images (4 different but related scales) Scales overview The researchers evaluated 16-items describing different god-images. Confirmatory factor analysis yielded four factors, which are the four subscales each having four items. Authors: Nguyen & Zuckerman (2016)   Response Type All items are rated on a 7-point Likert-type rating: 1 (This does NOT reflect my belief AT ALL) to 7 (This reflects my belief COMPLETELY). Subscales (4) with a sample item (each scale has 4 items)            1. Relational God I feel I am close to God            2. God-as-provider Those who believe in God will be rewarded.            3. God-as-ruler Events that happen in this world are part of God’s plan.            4. God-as-creator                      God made the world and all the creatures in it. Psychometrics See the 2016 article below for the results of factor analysis, differences between men and women, and the relationship of God images to other mea