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God Images 4 Different Scales


Scale name: God Images (4 different but related scales)

Scales overview

The researchers evaluated 16-items describing different god-images. Confirmatory factor analysis yielded four factors, which are the four subscales each having four items.

Authors: Nguyen & Zuckerman (2016)

 Response Type

All items are rated on a 7-point Likert-type rating: 1 (This does NOT reflect my belief AT ALL) to 7 (This reflects my belief COMPLETELY).

Subscales (4) with a sample item (each scale has 4 items)

           1. Relational God

I feel I am close to God

           2. God-as-provider

Those who believe in God will be rewarded.

           3. God-as-ruler

Events that happen in this world are part of God’s plan.

           4. God-as-creator

                     God made the world and all the creatures in it.


See the 2016 article below for the results of factor analysis, differences between men and women, and the relationship of God images to other measures.


See the 2016 reference below.

Permissions -- if identified

According to PsycTESTS: Test content may be reproduced and used for non-commercial research and educational purposes without seeking written permission. Distribution must be controlled, meaning only to the participants engaged in the research or enrolled in the educational activity.

SCOPES Domain = Self / spirituality


   The test source

Nguyen, T.-v. T., & Zuckerman, M. (2016). God Image Measures [Database record]. Retrieved from PsycTESTS. doi:

     Article with test in Appendix

 Nguyen, T.v. T., & Zuckerman, M. (2016). The links of God images to women’s religiosity and coping with depression: A socialization explanation of gender difference in religiosity. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 8(4), 309-317. doi:

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