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Christian-Based Grief Recovery Scale (CGRS)

  Six Dimensions of Recovery Assessment name: Christian-Based Grief Recovery Scale (CGRS) Scale overview: The Christian-Based Grief Recovery Scale (CGRS) is a measure of Christian spirituality focused on recovery from grief. The measures includes 35-items to assess six factors. Authors: Peter Jen Der Pan et al., 2014 Response Type: Four point rating scale Scale items : The items are organized into six factors or subscales. The subscales and sample items are below. 1. Spiritual well-being   With God by my side, I will feel safe and peaceful. 2.   Recovering meaning and sense of control   After experiencing the sorrow, I have realized what the most important things in life are. 3.   Ongoing physical and emotional responses I think it’s unfair that my loved one has passed away while I still have to struggle to survive. 4. Reassuring faith Even though my loved one is no longer alive, I believe that God is always around me and helps me. 5. Strongly missing a decea