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Forgiveness- Transgression-Related Interpersonal Motivations

Scale name: Transgression-Related Interpersonal Motivations (TRIM) Scale overview A 12-item self-report assessment of interpersonal motivations related to forgiveness. This version has two subscales. The Avoidance subscale has 7 items and the Revenge subscale has 5 items. There is a related 7-item benevolence subscale measuring benevolent motivations to forgive. Authors: McCullough et al., 1998 Response Type All items are rated on a 5-point Likert-type rating. Subscales Avoidance, Revenge, plus Benevolence Sample items Avoidance: “I live as if he/she doesn’t exist, isn’t around,” Revenge: “I’ll make him/her pay,” Benevolence: “Even though his/her actions hurt me, I still have goodwill for him/ her” Reliability See McCullough et al. (1998) for details on the psychometric properties of the TRIM-12. Validity See McCullough et al. (1998) for details on the psychometric properties of the TRIM-12. Availability See the article in the APA PsycArticles Database or

Leadership Restoration Scales

Measures of  Forgiveness and Restoration Scale names: Leadership Restoration Scales            Leadership Restoration Scale: Forgive and Restore (LRSF)            Leadership Restoration Scale: Restoration (LRSR)   Scales overview Two short scales measure two dimensions of congregants views on restoring a religious leader to ministry. One scale includes forgiveness (LRSF) and a second scale focuses exclusively on degrees of restoration without mentioning forgiveness (LRSR). Author(s) Sutton and Jordan (2013). Items The LRSF is a 3-item scale of forgiveness and restoration The LRSR is a 6-item scale of restoration Response Type A 7-point rating scale with anchors 1 = Very Strongly Agree and 7 = Very Strongly Disagree. See example below. Sample items The full scales can be found in Sutton and Jordan (2013) or can be downloaded here- see availability below. LRSF Scale 2. The victim or victims offended by the person need to forgive the person before the perso

Clergy Situational Restoration Inventory (CSRI)

  Scale name: Clergy Situational Restoration Inventory (CSRI) Scale overview The Clergy Situational Restoration Inventory evaluates participants’ attitudes toward restoration based on participant responses to 10 transgression scenarios in which a pastor violated a common sociomoral expectation (Sutton et al. 2007; Sutton & Thomas 2004). The scale uses descriptive Likert-type ratings that range from one (no restoration to ministry) to seven (full restoration to the position previously held). The transgression scenarios include problems of substance abuse, infidelity, and embezzlement. Because of the range of common yet hypothetical scenarios, the developers expected the CSRI to assess a disposition to restore. Author(s) Sutton and Jordan (2013) with previous versions used in Sutton et al. (2007), Sutton & Thomas (2004, 2005). Items  10- items, which are short scenarios Response Type A 7-point rating scale with anchors 1 = No Restoration and 7 = Full restoration.

Continuous variables in behavioral research

  Continuous variable . A variable having a wide range of numerical values, such as intelligence, achievement, and personality variables. Example : Scores on a Big Five test of personality are often reported as T-Scores for each of the five scales. Most people obtain scores in the range of 40 to 60 but it is possible to obtain lower and higher scores. The point of the example is that the scores are continuous and cover a wide range.  Researchers can group people based on their scores using groups labels like "high" and "low" perhaps by deciding that the median would be the score to separate high and low scores. Changing the continuous variable results in the formation of a grouping variable or categorical variable. Example 2 : Age is a continuous variable beginning at birth and continuing to death. Researchers can group people by age and create a grouping or categorical value. Learn More about variables in Creating Surveys on  AMAZON  or  GOOGLE Please check out m