Forgiveness- Transgression-Related Interpersonal Motivations

Scale name: Transgression-Related Interpersonal Motivations (TRIM)

Scale overview

A 12-item self-report assessment of interpersonal motivations related to forgiveness. This version has two subscales. The Avoidance subscale has 7 items and the Revenge subscale has 5 items.

There is a related 7-item benevolence subscale measuring benevolent motivations to forgive.

Authors: McCullough et al., 1998

Response Type

All items are rated on a 5-point Likert-type rating.


Avoidance, Revenge, plus Benevolence

Sample items

Avoidance: “I live as if he/she doesn’t exist, isn’t around,”

Revenge: “I’ll make him/her pay,”

Benevolence: “Even though his/her actions hurt me, I still have goodwill for him/her”


See McCullough et al. (1998) for details on the psychometric properties of the TRIM-12.


See McCullough et al. (1998) for details on the psychometric properties of the TRIM-12.


See the article in the APA PsycArticles Database or the Journal (reference below).

Test Reference

McCullough, M.E. , Rachal, K.C. , Sandage, S.J. , Worthington, E.L. , Jr., Brown, S.W ., & Hight, T.L.(1998).Interpersonal forgiving in close relationships.II: Theoretical elaboration and measurement. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 75, 1586-1603.

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