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Personal Self-Concept Questionnaire (PSQ)


The Personal Self-Concept Questionnaire (PSQ) measures self-concept based on responses to 18 items, which are grouped into four categories: 




Emotional self-concept

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The PSQ is a Likert-type scale with five response options ranging from totally disagree to totally agree.

Reliability and Validity

In the first study, coefficient alpha = .85 and in study two, .83.

Data analysis supported a four-dimensional model (see the four categories above). Positive correlations with other self-concept measures were statistically significant.

Other notes

The authors estimated it took about 10 minutes to complete the PSQ.

Their first study included people ages 12 to 36 (n = 506). In the second study, ages were 15 to 65 (= 1135).


The PSQ items can be found in the Goñi et al. (2011) article (see the reference below). The 18-items can be found in Table 1 on page 512. Notice the 4-items eliminated from the 22 item measure used in the first study.

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Goñi, E., Madariaga, J. M., Axpe, I., & Goñi, A. (2011). Structure of the Personal Self-Concept (PSC) Questionnaire. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 11, 509-522.

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  1. after i take the personal self concept test using the psq questionnaire, How do i know i have a high or low self concept . What score is high and which is low?

    1. Good question. Unfortunately, unless the authors of the PSQ publish a test manual, it is not possible to interpret a personal score. Instead, questionnaires like the PSQ are generally used to compare groups scores in a research study based on the group averages obtained.


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