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Teacher Stress Inventory

Educators, School Administrators, Mental Health workers, and parents ought to be aware of teacher stress because of the critical role teachers play all societies. High levels of stress may lead to burnout. There are several measures of teacher stress, which can help you assess and monitor stress levels. One popular measure is the Teacher Stress Inventory (TSI) revised by Schutz and Long in 1988 .  The scale uses a 5-point Likert-type scale to rate stressful situations in seven categories (an item example in parentheses): Role ambiguity (I am unclear on what the scope and responsibilities of my job are) Role stress (I find that I have extra work beyond what should be normally expected of me) Organizational management (My administrative head does not ask my opinion on decisions that directly affect me) Job satisfaction (All in all, I would say that am I am not satisfied with my job) Life satisfaction (My life is currently quite lonely) Task stress (I