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Beliefs in a Just World Scale

    According to the just world hypothesis , “people have a need to believe that their environment is a just and orderly place where people usually get what they deserve (Lerner & Miller, 1978, p. 1030).” Beliefs about a just world may be measured with the Global Belief in a Just World Scale (Lipkus, 1991). The scale has 7-items, which participants rate on a 6-point basis: 1 = strong disagreement and 6 = strong disagreement about the applicability of an item to oneself. Permission According to PsycTESTS, contact the publisher and corresponding author. Author contact as of 21 December 2020 Sample items 1. I feel that people get what they are entitled to have. 7. I basically feel that the world is a fair place.   References Lerner, M. J., & Miller, D. T. (1978). Just world research and the attribution process: Looking back and ahead.  Psychological Bulletin ,  85 (5), 1030–1051.