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Index to Statistical Concepts and Principles

This is an index to terms found in behavioral science statistics associated with testing and research. I add to this list and expand on the terms along with examples. Please consider subscribing or book-marking the page to find new definitions and examples.


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Click the link following the >> to find the definition.


Age scores >> AGE

alpha reliability >> Reliability



Bell curve >> Normal Curve

Charts – Linear Trends  >>  Line Chart

Charts – Map example >>  Map Chart

Chi Square  >> Chi

Coefficient alpha >> Reliability

Cramer's V  >> CramersV

Data, datum  >>  Data

Dependent Measure  >>  DM

Dependent Samples t test  >>  Dependent t test

Dependent Variable  >>  DV

Four Types of Measurement   >> Scales

Independent Variable  >>  IV

Interval Scale  >> Scales

Lifespan – Life Expectancy Difference  >>  LifeStats



Please consider my books on statistics and research available on   AMAZON       and   GOOGLE STORE  at many sites around the world. Thank you.





Matched Pairs t test  >>  Matched t test

Mean >> Mean or Median

Median  >> Mean or Median

Nominal Scale >> Scales

Normal curve >>  Normal

Normal Distribution >>  Normal

Ordinal Scale  >> Scales

Ratio Scale  >> Scales

Regression  >> Regression

Reliability of tests >> Reliability

Scoring negatively worded items  >> Scoring Negative Items

Spearman-Brown >> Reliability

Split-half reliability >> Reliability

Standard Error of Measurement  >>  SEM

t-test, Independent samples   >> tTEST-Independent

Test Scores- how to compare >> Compare

Test-Retest reliability >> Reliability

Validity of tests  >> Validity


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