Sunday, August 9, 2020

Reporting Survey Data Using Maps

 In a previous post, I reported the value of reporting polling data using averages of many polls for the leading candidates. I mentioned that national polls are interesting but the US chooses a president based on the electoral college.

Because the electors are chosen by states, it makes sense to predict winners by observing how the population of a state is likely to vote and thereby decide how many electors "won" by a candidate. This assumes an elector does not go rogue and vote for their preferred candidate.

This map can of course change with every new poll, but has the potential for a more accurate prediction than charts of national polls.

The chart map video is from NBC News.

How do you create map charts?

Microsoft Excel has you covered-- see Create a Map chart in Excel.

  In Excel, you will find the map option labeled Geography under the Data tab.

You can download examples with several map charts from Microsoft.

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