Organizational Trust Index (OTI)


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Scale name:           Organizational Trust Index (OTI)

Scale overview

The OTI evaluates trust in an organization with items that reflect five dimensions of trust. 

Of note, trust is a key component of working relationships and efforts to encourage reconciliation following a rift. Organisational trust is the degree of confidence employees have in the actions of an organisation's leaders and their decisions.

Author(s) See the “about” tab at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) Website for the OTI.

Items:  In 2021 there were 29 items on the OTI scale.

Response Type

The OTI is a 5-point rating scale. Each item can be rated from “very little” to “very great.”


     The OTI refers to 5 dimensions of trust:


Openness and Honesty

Concern for Employees



Sample item

My immediate supervisor listens to me.


The manual reports alpha of .95 for the 29-items and a range of .85 to .90 for the five subscales.


Search for studies using the OTI.


See the information on the university website. The scale may be taken online.

A 50-page manual with test items and information is available from IABC (International Association of Business Communications).

SCOPES domain = Social space 

 Permissions -- if identified

Not specified on the UCCS website.

Key words: Organizational Psychology, HR Human Resources, Organizational Climate, Trust, Leadership, Employee Relationships


Nwankpa, Joseph K. and Roumani, Yaman (2014) "The Influence of Organizational Trust and Organizational Mindfulness on ERP Systems Usage," Communications of the Association for Information Systems: 34, Article 85. DOI: 10.17705/1CAIS.03485

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