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Prayer Inventory


Scale name: Prayer Inventory

Scale overview:

The Prayer Inventory is a 24-item rating scale.

Authors: Bänziger, S., van Uden, M., & Janssen, J.

Response Type: The items are rated on a 7-point scale 

(Never= 1; Occasionally=2; Sometimes=3; Regularly=4; 

Often=5; Very often=6; Always=7).

Sample items

            4. In my prayers, I ask for forgiveness

14. Difficult moments are a reason to pray

Reliability and Validity: See the 2008 article for details.

Availability: The 24-items are available in the PsyTESTS reference.

Permissions : PsycTESTS, advises contact of the publisher and corresponding author.



Bänziger, S., van Uden, M., & Janssen, J. (2008). Prayer Inventory [Database record]. Retrieved from PsycTESTS. doi:

Bänziger, Sarah, van Uden, Marinus, & Janssen, Jacques. (2008). Praying and coping: The relation between varieties of praying and religious coping styles. Mental Health, Religion & Culture, Vol 11(1), 101-118. doi: , © 2008 by Taylor & Francis. Reproduced by Permission of Taylor & Francis.

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