Perceptions and Experiences of Grace Scale--Short Form

Assessment name:  Perceptions and Experiences of Grace Scale--Short Form

Scale overview: The Perceptions and Experiences of Grace Scale--Short Form

Authors: Christina Rush and others

Response Type: 7-point rating scale: 1 = Strongly Disagree, 2 =

Disagree, 3 = Slightly Disagree, 4=Neutral, 5=Slightly Agree, 6=Agree,

7=Strongly Agree.

Scale items

There are two versions of the scale. One has 21 items and the other has 29 items.

The items are organized into six factors as follows. See the reference below for the items related to each factor.

God’s grace

Grace to self

Grace received from works

Unconditional grace to others

Conditional grace to others

Conditional grace from parents


Psychometric properties

Internal consistency alpha values were strong and reported for each factor.

Test-retest reliability was reported for a 5 month interval and the values were.70 or above.

Construct validity was supported by factor analysis.

Correlations with other measures provided initial support for the construct.



Both versions are available in the PsycTESTS reference below.

Reference for the scale

Rush, C. L., Masters, K. S., Wooldridge, J. S., & Ranby, K. W. (2022). Perceptions and Experiences of Grace Scale. PsycTESTS.

Rush, Christina L., Masters, Kevin S., Wooldridge, Jennalee S., & Ranby, Krista W. (May 12, 2022). Is grace amazing or old wine in a new bottle? Psychometric development of the Perceptions and Experiences of Grace Scale (PEGS). Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, np. doi:


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