Ironson-Woods Spirituality/ Religiousness Index (IWSRI)


Assessment name:  Ironson-Woods Spirituality/ Religiousness Index (IWSRI)

Scale overview: The Ironson-Woods Spirituality/ Religiousness Index (IWSRI) is a 22-item self-report measure measuring two dimensions of spirituality and two dimensions of religiousness (Ironson et al., 2002).


Authors: Gail Ironson, Teresa Woods


Response Type: Items are rated on a scale of agreement from 1 to 5.

Scale items

The 22 items were associated with four factors. The items measure a diverse range of beliefs about God, life, and health as well as religious behavior such as attendance at services and participation in religious activities. Following are the factor names and association with spirituality or religiousness.


Sense of Peace

Compassionate View of Others


Faith in God

Religious Behavior

Psychometric properties

Ironson et al. (2002) provided values indicating adequate internal consistency and test-retest values supporting reliability of the scores in their study. In addition, they provided evidence supporting adequate concurrent and discriminant validity.

Availability: The complete list of items may be found in Ironson et al. (2002).

Reference for the scale

Ironson G, Solomon GF, Balbin EG, O’Cleirigh C, George A, Kumar M, et al. (2002). The Ironson-Woods spirituality/religiousness index is associated with long survival, health behaviors, less distress and low cortisol in people with HIV/AIDS. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 24:34–38.


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