Assessment of Spirituality and Religious Sentiments (ASPIRES) scale- Short Form


Scale name: Assessment of Spirituality and Religious Sentiments (ASPIRES) scale- Short Form

Scale overview: The Assessment of Spirituality and Religious Sentiments scale- Short Form (ASPIRES-SF) is a 13-item scale that measures both religious involvement and spiritual transcendence. Spiritual transcendence refers to the way people create a sense of meaning and purpose for their lives.

Authors: Ralph L. Piedmont et al. (see below)

Response Type: The ASPIRES-SF is a self-report assessment with different ratings for the two subscales—see below.

Subscales = 2

1.  Religiosity Index

  4-religious activity (e.g., prayer, reading religious literature) items are rated 1-7 to indicate frequency.

2.  Spiritual Transcendence Scale

  9-items are rated on a 1-5 scale of agreement. The items refer to a sense of meaning. These 9-items reflect 3 facets: Prayer fulfilment, Universality, and Connectedness.

Reliability: In the 2008 reference (see below) alpha values were .72 for the total transcendence scale and .79 for the Religiosity Index.

Validity: Several studies have reported on the results of the factor structure of the longer form of ASPIRES. The 2008 study included the results of a Principal Components Analysis showing 3 factors for the Spiritual Transcendence Scale and one factor for Religiosity


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Reference for the scale

Piedmont, R. L., Kennedy, M. C., Sherman, M. F., Sherman, N. C., & Williams, J. E. G. (2008). "A Psychometric Evaluation Of The Assessment Of Spirituality And Religious Sentiments (Aspires) Scale: Short Form". In Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 19. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill. doi:


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Understanding the Psychological Soul of Spirituality

   by Ralph Piedmont and Teresa Wilkins

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