Perceived Perfectionism from God Scale (PPGS)


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Assessment name:  Perceived Perfectionism from God Scale (PPGS)

Scale overview: The Perceived Perfectionism from God Scale (PPGS) is a 10-item self-report measure of perfectionism, which is associated with a person's perceptions of God’s standards and expectations.

Authors: Kenneth T. Wang, G. E. Kawika Allen, Hannah I. Stokes, Han Na Suh

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Response Type: The 10 PPGS items are rated on a 7-point scale of agreement from 1 = strongly disagree to 7 = strongly agree.

Scale items

There are two factors or subscales each having five items.

The Perceived Discrepancy from God subscale examines perceived discrepancies between a person’s behavior and God’s standards.

The Perceived Standards from God subscale examines perceptions of God’s expectations for a person’s behavior.

Psychometric properties

The authors provide means and standard deviations, coefficient alpha values, the results of exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses, and evidence for concurrent validity with related measures in Wang et al. (2018).

Other measures included in the validity study were:

Short Almost Perfect Scale

Religious Commitment Inventory-10

Graceful Avoidance of Personal Legalism

Penn Inventory of Scrupulosity

Satisfaction with Life Scale

State Shame and Guilt Scale

Positive and Negative Affect Schedule



The full text of the items can be found in Wang et al. (2018).


Reference for the scale

Wang, K. T., Allen, G. E. K., Stokes, H. I., & Suh, H. N. (2018). Perceived Perfectionism from God Scale: Development and initial evidence. Journal of Religion and Health, 57(6), 2207–2223.


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