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Desire to Reconcile Scale


Assessment name:  Desire to Reconcile Scale

Scale overview:

The Desire to Reconcile Scale is a 4-item rating scale developed by Woodyatt and Wenzel (2014) to assess the willingness of an offender to reconcile with the person they offended.

Authors: Lydia Woodyatt and Michael Wenzel

Response Type: Items are rated on a scale of agreement from 0 = Do not Agree at all, 3 = Neutral, and 6 = Strongly Agree.

Scale items

The scale includes four items.


Psychometric properties

The authors’ findings revealed adequate internal consistency (alpha = 0.82) and they provided support for validity in the form of correlations with self-forgiveness and self-trust. Griffin (2016) reported a positive correlation between Decisional Affirmation of Values scale and the Desire to Reconcile Scale.


The four items are included in Woodyatt and Wenzel (2014).

Reference for the scale

Woodyatt, L., & Wenzel, M. (2014). A needs-based perspective on self-forgiveness: Addressing threat to moral identity as a means of encouraging interpersonal and intrapersonal restoration. Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology, 50, 125-135.


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