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5 Love Languages Personal Profile for Couples


Scale name: Love Languages Personal Profile for Couples (LLPP)

Scale overview: The LLPP is a 50 item forced-choice measure developed by Chapman. There are 12 statements for each love language and each language is paired 3 times.

Author: Gary Chapman

Response Type

Subscales: There are 5 subscales corresponding to the 5 Love Languages:

Words of Affirmation (e.g., words of appreciation and affirmation; express kindness)

Quality Time (e.g., focused attention without interruption and without giving advice)

Receiving Gifts (giving gifts, which need not be expensive; the gift of time during a crisis)

Acts of Service (e.g., completing tasks for them)

Physical Touch (e.g., sexual and nonsexual)


Sample items:

10. It's more meaningful to me when...

     A. I hear my partner tell me, "I'm proud of you."

     D. my partner helps me with a task.

7.  It's more meaningful to me when...

C. my partner gives me a gift.

A. I hear "l love you" from my partner.


Reliability: Scales based on the 5 love languages have reported acceptable alpha levels. See Bland and McQueen (2018) for a summary.

Validity: The model of the 5 love languages has received general support in studies using different measures of the 5 love languages. Bland and McQueen (2018) examined the LLPP and found evidence that couples with similar love language preferences were more likely to report relationship satisfaction.

Availability: Link to the: love language quiz available online.

For a 30-item  pdf version of the LLPP for couples, see the link to Chapman 2015 below.

Permissions -- if identified


Bland, A. M., & McQueen, K. S. (2018). The distribution of Chapman’s love languages in couples: An exploratory cluster analysis. Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice7(2), 103–126.

Chapman, G. (2015). Love Languages Personal Profile for Couples. Link to pdf version. Note: This link worked when posted but it has not always worked. Suggestion, search for Love Languages Personal Profile for Couples pdf.

Love Languages books by Gary Chapman. Chapman has a number of books explaining the five love languages.




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