Father-Daughter Relationship Scale


Scale name: Father Daughter Relationship Scale

Scale overview: The Father-Daughter Relationship Scale is a 9-item scale of perceived closeness, which was studied in a sample of young women.

Authors: Jennie Brown, Laura Thompson, David Trafimow

Response Type: All items are rated on a scale of 4 to 7 values depending on the questions about time or closeness.

Subscales = 2

Closeness = 4 items

Time together = 5 items

Sample: One sample of mostly Euro-American or Hispanic American women between age 17 and 25.

Reliability: Cronbach’s alpha = .89

Validity: Factor analysis reported.


Availability: See Appendix A, p. 214.


Reference for the scale

Brown, J., Thompson, L. A., & Trafimow, D. (2002). The father-daughter relationship rating scale. Psychological Reports90(1), 212–214. https://doi.org/10.2466/PR0.90.1.212-214


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