Reading Self-Efficacy Scales


Scale name:  Reading Self-Efficacy Scales


Scale overview: The Reading Self-Efficacy Scales (RSES) measure eight beliefs of students’ capacity to read in a culturally familiar context.

Authors: Heather M. Kelley et al.

Response Type: Students used an 11-point numbered scale (0 to 10) to rate their beliefs about reading. Each of five phrases are linked to more than one number. The five phrases are: Not sure, A Little Sure, Kind of Sure, Sure, Really Sure.

Sample items

When you read in your English Language Arts class, how sure are you that you could successfully …

Identify the main idea of a story.

Identify the place where a story happened.

Scale note: The wording of the scales was similar but modified depending on one of three tasks: General reading (GR), Culturally familiar (CF), Culturally unfamiliar (CU).

Reliability: Internally consistency was measured with Cronbach’s alpha for each scale: GR = .85, CF = .90, CU = .70 (rounded).

Validity: The scale items were developed based on state objectives and benchmarks.

Availability: The full set of items are available in the PsycTESTS reference and in the appendixes to the research article.


The corresponding author is Heather Kelley

The publisher is Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

  Read more about self-efficacy.

Reference for the scales

Kelley, H. M., Siwatu, K. O., Tost, J. R., & Martinez, J. (2015). Reading Self-Efficacy Scales. PsycTESTS.

Kelley, H. M., Siwatu, K. O., Tost, J. R., & Martinez, J. (2015). Culturally familiar tasks on reading performance and self-efficacy of culturally and linguistically diverse students. Educational Psychology in Practice, 31(3), 293–313.


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