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New General Self-Efficacy Scale


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General Self-Efficacy refers to a trait in contrast to more specific dimensions of self-efficacy. The New General Self-Efficacy Scale (NGSES) was developed by Chen et al. (2001). The scale consists of 8-items.

The assessment of Self-Efficacy may be relevant in psychotherapy, career planning, and organizational psychology. Read more about Self-Efficacy Theory.



Using a 5-point rating scale (1= strongly disagree; 3 = neither agree nor disagree; 5 = strongly agree), respondents show how much they agree with eight statements, such as “Even when things are tough, I can perform quite well.” Researchers then calculate a score for each respondent by taking the average of their ratings.

Sample items

  1. I will be able to achieve most of the goals that I set for myself.
  2. When facing difficult tasks, I am certain that I will accomplish them.


The authors reported alpha = .86 and .90 (two times) in study 2 (See Chen et al., 2012).


The authors reported correlations with several measures in Table 1 (p. 72). The SGSE was positively correlated with the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (r = .75)

Where to find the scale online

Learn more about assessment in counseling  in Applied Statistics: Concepts for Counselors

Develop surveys to measure Self-Efficacy and other traits using Creating Surveys

Read More about Self-Efficacy and its relationship to Self-Concept

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Chen, G., Gully, S. M., & Eden, D. (2001). Validation of a new general self-efficacy scale. Organizational Research Methods4(1), 62-83.

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